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Authentic, handpicked snacks delivered right to the comfort of your home.

What Is TaberuBox?

Introducing Our 3 Boxes

Taster TaberuBox

Our Taster Box is a great way to get started in Asian snacking! 10-12 unique snacks that are bound to have you regretting you didn't order our Classic Box! 

Buy Now - $19.99 CAD

Classic TaberuBox

Our Classic TaberuBox is perfect for the average snacker! This box features 15-17 sweet or savory snacks that will have you looking at your mail every day for your next TaberuBox!

BUY NOW $26.99 CAD

Big Hit TaberuBox

This box is perfect for those who love to indulge and is always looking for more delicious snacks to munch on. This box features 20-25 snacks that will keep you and your "snack-petite" satisfied! 

Buy Now $34.99 CAD

Ready To Order?

We're Ready Whenever You Are 

My Family and I can't wait for our Taberubox every month! We order the "Big Hit" because there's always something for all 4 of us! 

Susan.K - Edmonton

I love the classic Taberubox,it always comes with both sweet and salty treats and keeps me on my toes for my next box! 

Arthur.D - Montreal

Taberubox is amazing monthly subscription for snack lovers who are looking for a variety of goodies at fair prices! I can't imagine life without Taberu! 

Michelle.S - Toronto